Steelcase Education works with educational institutions to create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments.

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Navigating What’s Next: Learning Spaces

Our new guide offers strategies to create learning environments that are as safe as possible. We share design guidelines and thought starters as well as safety guidelines.

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Virtual Learning

Learn how educators in Hong Kong increased connections in the virtual classroom during the extended school closure.

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Blended Learning

As blended learning becomes a viable solution for institutions, we identify the learning spaces that need to be rethought.

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Personalized Learning

Hear how personalized learning helps students and educators and how the physical environment can help.

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Spaces + Inspiration

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Classroom Spaces

We rethink “the box” and move away from the traditional setting of rows of fixed tablet chairs and a lectern.

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Library Spaces

Today’s students demand choices, requiring libraries to offer a range of spaces to support the many ways they learn.

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In-Between Spaces

Every space is a learning space. We reimagine how lounges, hallways and other informal areas can be flexible, friendly learning spaces for individuals and groups.

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Faculty Spaces

To support faculty needs, education workspaces must be as high-performing as the people who work in them.

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Professional Development

Our Services Include:

  • Online tools
  • Onsite engagements
  • Virtual coaching and team teaching
  • Space planning
  • Webinars
  • Regional events

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Sourcewell (formerly NJPA)

Sourcewell is committed to serving members with a continuous effort to meet present and future needs in a cost-effective manner delivering the very best products and services through nationally leveraged contracts, such as cooperative purchasing.

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E&I Cooperative Services

E&I is the member‐owned, not‐for‐profit sourcing cooperative delivering expertise, solutions and services to higher education and related institutions.

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OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners is one of the largest and most experienced organization in procurement and supply chain management. Covering both the private and public sectors, OMNIA Partners unites industry-leading buying power and world-class suppliers to offer an extensive portfolio?of sourcing solutions and partnerships. Through economies of scale, OMNIA Partners is able to deliver more contracts, in more verticals, with transparent, value-driven pricing.

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Financial Services

Steelcase Financial Services offers exceptional financing rates as low as 0% for 2 years and other special lease rates. Minimum order is $5,000.

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Group Purchasing

Steelcase Education group purchasing options can be attained through the following organizations:

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